Dog ownership for the sharing generation.

What is Hub Dawg?

70% of Americans who don’t own a dog report that they would like a dog. At the same time, 3.2 million dogs are put down in pounds each year. Enter Hub Dawg.

Bikeshares - like Boston’s own Hubway bikes - have been sweeping the nation, giving millions of people the benefits of owning a bike without the hassle. Now Hub Dawg is here to do the same thing for man’s best friend.

Working the local animal shelters, we’re taking hundreds, maybe thousands, of dogs who might have been put down, and sending them out into the world as HubDogs - on-demand canine pals who our members can walk, jog, and play with.

How Hub Dawg works

Anyone can stop at a Hubway bike station and take a bike out for a short ride. Hub Dawg is just like that - you come to one of our street-side Dawghouses, swipe your Dawg Paw ™, and in less than a minute you’re strolling down the street with one of our rescue dogs.

Thanks to seed stage funding, we will have our first street-side Dawghouse set up in Back Bay, open between 6am and 9pm, by early March. We plan to be expand to 11 Dawghouses throughout Boston, Jamaica Plain, Brookline and Cambridge by June and bring Hub Dawg to San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles by January 2016.

December 2014



Rescue Dogs


Street-side Dawghouses planned for 2015


Frequently Asked Questions

Are the street-side Dawghouses safe?

Yes. Hub Dawg’s four season Dawghouses have insulation added in the winter and a state of the art ventilation system during warmer months to keep the dogs comfortable. Each Hub Dawghouse is supervised by a Hub Dawg employee who takes the dogs for walks, monitors their hydration, feeds them and looks out for the Hub Dawg’s general well being.

Where do the dogs go at night?

Each evening, Hub Dawg’s caretakers collect the dogs from their sidewalk Dawghouse and bring them to our state of the art Hub Dawg campus in Malden, MA. Our campus has an on site veterinarian who monitors the health of each and every Hub Dawg.

How are Hub Dawgs selected?

We take well behaved, healthy dogs that local animal shelters have not been able to adopt out - often because they’re a little too old for people who want to adopt a puppy - and put them through our training and medical preparation. Hub Dawgs receive a full set of vaccinations, get a medical checkup to make sure they’re in good shape for the active Hub Dawg lifestyle, and pass an obedience course before they’re ready to go out into the world.

Are the Dawgs happy?

We take care to give each dog the right amount of activity. Walks, play, and exercise are all part of a healthy, active life for a dog - in fact, many dogs in this country don’t get enough outdoor exercise - so the time our Hub Dawgs spend with their dog walkers is exactly what they need. We make sure the dogs don’t get overworked by taking them back to Hub Dawg home base to rest once they’ve had enough activity for a while. With good food, frequent walks, lots of people to play with, and doggy friends.

What if my Hub Dawg runs away?

Our HubDawgs are quite well behaved, but if yours decides to go exploring, don’t worry - all HubDawgs wear GPS collars, and our mobile team of dog tenders will track them down in no time once you call Hub Dawg customer service to let us know.

Can I return my Dawg to a different DawgHouse?

Yes. Hub Dawg vans shuttle our Dawgs from place to place, so we can move Dawgs from where you return them to where they need to go without a problem.


Hub Dawg Pricing

Dawg Walk

$7Per Walk

  • Want to test out Hub Dawg or just take your Hub Dawg for a stroll on a date?
  • $7for the first hour
  • After thatwe charge $5 per each additional half hour
  • Mobile App Reservations

Hub Dawg Member

$50Per Month

  • For $50 dollars a month, you can have unlimited walks that are less than 1 hour.
  • After each 1 hour walkyou'll pay $5 an hour.
  • Mobile App Reservations

Adopt a Hub Dawg


  • Fallen in love with a Hub Dawg?
  • You’ve found our secret mission - to place our Hub Dawgs out into loving homes. For $300to cover adoption and medical costs, you can take one of our dogs home as your own.

Meet our Hub Dawgs


What's next for Hub Dawg?

In November 2014, Hub Dawg received $1.5M early seed stage funding.

During the next six months, we’ll be expanding our street-side Dawghouses to 11 location throughout Boston, developing an IOS and Andorid App and accepting our first members.
In 2016, Hub Dawg plans to partner with SPCA organizations in New York and California to open New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles hubs.

  • August, 2014
    Hub Dawg partners with the local animal shelters.
  • August, 2014
    Hub dog starts its Beta in Dorchester, MA
  • September 2014
    Hub Dawg opens its first street-side Dawghouses in Dorchester, MA
  • December 2014
    Hub Dawg recieves $1.5M in venture funding.
  • Planned March 2015
    Hub Dawg will open its first street-side Dawghouse in Back Bay.
  • June 2015
    Hub Dawg will open 11 more street-side Dawghouses throughout Boston.

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